Community Involvement

Americas Gold and Silver recognizes that mining operations can have long-lasting influence on the host communities in which they operate.  Our goal is to have a positive influence in our host communities which can foster prosperity for multiple generations through economic and social benefits.  Our ability to build strong relationships based on integrity, transparency, trust, open communication and responsibility is helping us to meet that goal.  

We seek to work closely with the communities that host us and local authorities, respecting laws, customs and practices, to build alliances that contribute to the local and regional development.  Our community relations programs are focused on local development and infrastructure (including roads and electrical service), education, health and quality of life, and culture.

Cultural Tradition

We embrace and value the diversity of cultures, customs, ideas and traditions within our host communities.  We believe that by gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of a community, we can better address its needs.  For instance, Americas Gold and Silver is firmly committed to fulfilling and respecting its agreements with local Ejidos community in Cosala.  That is why we have cooperated with the Ejidal community on multiple projects including furnishing and assisting in the renovation of their Ejidal meeting hall and sponsoring/participating in cultural events and celebrations.

Local Employment and Procurement

Americas Gold and Silver believes that one of the primary ways to embrace local communities is through the inclusion of the local population in our workforce.  We believe that this builds a strong bond with our host communities and instills longevity to our operations.  As a result, a vast majority of our workforce is employed locally.  At the Cosala Operations, almost 100% are Mexican and most are from the surrounding areas.  We believe that it is also our responsibility to aid local businesses and vendors when practicable.  That is why, whenever possible, we give priority to local businesses and vendors in sourcing our supplies and services.


One of the core tenants of Americas Gold and Silver's commitment to corporate social responsibility is the promotion of educational opportunities.  We recognize the importance of an educated population in emerging economies and the impact it can have to the local economy.  As a result, we participated in an internship program to provide the required professional work experience to students pursuing university degrees.  Also, recognizing the limited budgets of educational institutions, we have been able to assist with the supply and maintenance of various equipment and infrastructure for several local schools.

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