Environmental Stewardship

The production of metals is resource intensive, and minimizing our impacts is an essential aspect of our long-term goals.  Managing environmental factors today supports a positive environmental legacy for the future, and that means practicing environmental stewardship.  Meeting and exceeding government regulations, the proactive protection of flora and fauna, responsible water management – these and other initiatives add value to communities and ensure healthy environments in which to work, live and grow. Our environmental stewardship is evolving and focuses on continuous improvement in concert with our overall drive towards operational excellence while always considering the needs of our local communities.

For example, at the Cosala Operations in Mexico, the Company is a participant of the national Environmental Leadership Program and led significant local reforestation efforts.  At the Galena Complex in Idaho USA, Americas Gold and Silver is working with local environmental groups on projects to improve the watershed of the nearby north fork Coeur d’Alene River.


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